So, I've come to the conclusion that I the science geek. I've never really considered myself overly nerdy, but after just a few minutes of introspection I have gotten to the bottom of it and see that clearly I am. See what happens when I go all non Gemini on your ass!? I will blog about my weird life in weird Wisconsin where everyone knows your weird name. but hey, you, with high expectations, I don't promise thrills and chills but I'll do my best to keep you entertained. God knows I attract enough weirdness to keep that promise.

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Let me start of by letting you all know that, as a Gemini, I am notoriously bad at introspection. My brain, on an average day, is bouncing around roughly 1,200 to 7,556 ideas at once so analyzing myself to any extent is usually pretty far down on my list of things to do. This may also explain why I so often forget to apply makeup, drink water, or wear socks. So when Ryan asked me to put together a synopsis about myself, my little twin infested brain had no idea how to even comprehend the question and frankly, I'm still stuck.

Who am I, you ask? And what makes me a worthy geek for geek cast live?

I'm not sure. So let me walk you through my train of thought via an outline:


1) I know fairly little to nothing about comic books, or superheroes as a whole, although I do enjoy sonic and Doug. 

A)Doug is a superhero so shove it haters

2) I don't play video games. 
A) my last video game system was an n-64, and the only games I owned were with everyone's favorite plumber bros.

3) I don't have a beard

4) Leslie is clearly the sex appeal of the group
A) this rules out any thought that I may have been chosen for my ravishing good looks (aka I have boobs and a vagina)

5) my life is pretty average, I'm not a beacon of pop culture wisdom like ry guy and my hair is dyed red, not natural like Rob and joe. 

A)maybe this is why. I fooled someone with these fiery locks and hence I was chosen!
1) who am I kidding.

6) I am a certified science nerd. I recently started working in a lab full time testing DNA in bumfuck Wisconsin, so I guess this makes me worthy of geekdom. 
A) "I wonder how long it will take for everyone to figure out how boring my life really is..."




 Here are some of the things I geek on:

A Song of ice and fire

Sexual innuendos

The real world

Generally any reality tv with slutty 20 and 30 something's 




Human weirdness



Color blindness

Stephen king

Sons of anarchy (this is a recent obsession kiddos!)


Anything food related


Strange animals including ocelots 


the newsroom



Various hard candies

Celebrity gossip

N-64 and all the cool new things going on with it (nothing)


Climbing trees

You get the gist

So proud to be picked as resident science nerd and weirdo extraordinaire.


Happy geekin, nerds