Geek Gurl Les



Total geek over here and proud of it! There is no better way to describe myself then "that girl". "That girl" you look at and wonder how the hell has she lived this long without killing herself in a freak accident? "That girl" who at all times is obnoxiously uncoordinated and frantic to the nth degree (it’s so bad that as an outsider you can barley stand to watch her struggle through life’s simple day to day activities without wanting to rip your own fucking hair out). "That girl" always running 10 minutes late (literally running with twelve bags flailing awkwardly behind her and a trail of papers flying out in every direction). "That girl" that avoids stepping on sidewalk cracks in fear her mother will drop unknowingly down the second she does and break her back resulting in a lifetime of guilt tattooed across her already tainted soul. “That girl” who is really really really weird it’s unexplainably enjoyable. “That girl” who has opinions, interests, and hobbies of her own (ya so what if they are ALL immature). All in all, if you’d like to find me I will be at the corner of platform 9 ¾ and Kings Landing (I know you are all busy with your own crazy lives and may take some time to reach me so I will wait there indefinitely). I will be the sore thumb sticking out of the crowd, "that girl" with the "Hello: Geek Gurl Lez" name tag Plastered across her forehead and the "kick me" sign taped to her ass.

I am fucking proud to be a geek, in fact more times then not I flaunt my geek for all the world to see! I flaunt my geek shamelessly. I shamelessly flaunt my geek. Shamelessly I flaunt my geek. Geekidy Geekidy Geekidy, until next time folks.


List of things that make me randy:
Random Factoids
Game of Thrones
Harry Potter
Discovery Channel
Prohibition Documentaries
Wicked Tuna
Shark Week
Snapple Facts
Red Stripe puzzles
Cross Word Puzzles
Competitions of all kinds
Painting, drawing, art
The human body
The big bang theory
Full house

The hunger games

Steve Prefontaine
Justin Timberlake

Treasure hunters



And The Beat Goes On.....